Aimée Grimes | Canada Post Stamp Set
Canada Post Stamp Set, Stamp Pane, Official First Day Cover, and 10-Pack
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Stamp Set Stamp Pane Official First Day Cover Stamps 10-Pack (Cover) Stamps 10-Pack (Interior) Cancellation Mark

About This Project

Create a set of two stamps celebrating the work of two contemporary Canadian women architects. Expand the design to the stamp pane, official first day cover, and 10-pack. Ensure that the design reflects the contemporary nature of the architects’ work, as well as presents the work and the architects in a celebratory way.


The award-winning work of the architects is featured on the stamps, illustrated in a clean, modern style to reflect the contemporary buildings. The Order of Canada is used as the day of issue cancellation mark, and an architect’s compass for the colour bars. A motif derived from the buildings and architectural elevations adds visual interest to the stamp pane without distracting from the stamps.
Design, Illustration, Packaging, Print
canada post, design, filately, illustration, packaging, stamp set