Travis Bernhardt Fringe Festival Show Poster, Handbills & Question Cards
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Charlatan! poster Charlatan! handbill Charlatan! question cards Charlatan! poster detail

About This Project


Travis Bernhardt is a talented performer and magician. He has toured fringe festivals for several years, garnering many accolades and awards for his inventive, intelligent, and amusing shows. Travis needed some promotional materials for his unique 2016 fringe festival show, Charlatan!, which explores magic alongside fortune telling, curse lifting and communing with the dead. While the subject matter of the show seemingly has a tinge of darkness to it, Travis is known for his sense of humour and wanted to accurately represent the tone of the show by maintaining a sense of lightheartedness in the marketing materials. He also wanted to ensure that the illustrations had a sense of modern whimsy to them, and would intrigue the viewer without giving too much away.


The illustration indicates a connectedness between the performer and the otherworld, all the while maintaining a cheerful and inquisitive feeling. Texture provides some warmth by giving it a handmade feel. High contrast and bright colours create a vivid energy that draws the eye, and the bold, graphic quality and limited colour palette help the poster stand out amongst the sea of busy posters on bulletin boards. The theme of communication is carried over all of the marketing materials with speech bubbles employed throughout the materials: from poster to handbill, and finally, audience question cards.

Conceptual, Design, Illustration, Print
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