Nick Drake
Nick Drake Collectible Vinyl LP Set
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Nick Drake Pink Moon Vinyl

About This Project

Create a collectible box set of vinyl LPs celebrating the three most popular albums of renowned folk musician, Nick Drake.


Nick Drake sadly passed away at a young age. His music acquired a cult following posthumously as people discovered his great talent. The album covers are meant not only to celebrate his work, but reflect the poetic beauty of his songs.The concept of the rising sun and moon was inspired by his most popular album, Pink Moon, and features a guitar, which reflects Nick Drake’s guitar-heavy, low-fi, folk sound. The illustrations reference the title of each album (top to bottom): Five Leaves Left, Pink Moon, and Bryter Layter. When the albums are stacked, they form a larger, interlocking image. Additionally, the label on the record shows through a die cut hole in each album cover to form the sun and the moon. The illustrations feature a soft dreaminess present in his music, and also subtly reference the psychedelic art movement, popular during the era of his albums. Rough brush strokes reflect his unpolished, textured sound.

Personal Project

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folk, folk music, folk rock, guitar, illustration, lp, music, musician, nick drake, print design, psychedelic, record, vinyl