Palmistry Wine
Wine label design concept
wine, wine label, wine labels, winery, design, illustration, illustrated, hand, hands, palmistry, palm reading, fortune telling, gift, greeting card, packaging
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Palmistry Wines Palmistry Wine (Detail)

About This Project


Create a series of white wine labels that function both as gifts and greeting cards for a variety of occasions.


Palmistry is the art of fortune telling by reading the lines of the palm. Each label represents a concept loosely tied to an event—such as a marriage, a graduation, a birthday, an anniversary, or a family celebration. The vagueness of the concepts allows them to be interpreted in a variety of ways for a myriad of occasions. On the back of the label, space is provided to write a message to the recipient, which transforms the wine into a personalized gift. A graphic illustration style and vibrant colours set this wine apart.

Conceptual work while at Toolbox Design

Conceptual, Design, Illustration, Packaging
fortune telling, gift, greeting card, hand, hands, illustrated, illustration, packaging, palm reading, palmistry, wine, wine label, wine labels, winery