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Tea Hive Co. branding, packaging and marketing materials
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About This Project

There has recently been a significant decline in pollinator populations worldwide. Left unchanged, this will quickly and drastically affect our global food security. Tea Hive Co. wishes to demonstrate their allegiance with the cause through their product marketing and packaging.



Through their packaging, app and marketing materials, Tea Hive Co. is dedicated to creating a visible alliance with the cause as well as promoting the public’s involvement in saving the bees. All of the materials used are recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable: the tea packaging converts to a weather-resistant bee house, to-go cup sleeves can be planted to grow a bee garden, and the seed bombs grow bee-friendly habitats in empty urban lots. In this way, what would normally be discarded becomes a vehicle for new life and a point of engagement for a worthy cause.

Branding, Design, Packaging
bee house, bees, branding, honey, honeybees, mason bees, packaging, seed bomb, tea