Aimée Grimes | Travis Bernhard Unscriptured Poster and Handbill Design
Travis Bernhard Unscriptured Poster and Handbill Design
improv, theatre,poster,poster design,theatrical,improvisational theatre,fluorescent,print design,printed,graphic design,illustration
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Unscriptured Poster Unscriptured Handbill Unscriptured Prayer Candle Unscriptured T-Shirt

About This Project


Create a poster, handbill, and merch for Unscriptured, an improvisational theatre show about a religion made up on the spot.


These materials were illustrated in a linear, graphic style informed by illuminated manuscripts and stained glass, but with a quirky, stylized strangeness. The illustration depicts the show’s star, Travis Bernhardt, as a robed figure grasping a sceptre in the shape of a question mark. While the illustration unmistakably references religion, the fluorescent ink hints that this isn’t your grandma’s church service!

The poster and handbill are accompanied by merch: prayer candles, ‘holy water,’ and t-shirts.

Conceptual, Design, Illustration, Print
fluorescent, illustration, poster, poster design, print design